Clean Buildings and Healthy Environments 

Special Services

Our Special Services crew has received advanced training in cleaning procedures, and is able to perform highly-skilled cleaning beyond that of our general services crew.

They are certified to use aerial work platforms such as scissor-lifts and articulating-boom-lifts with which they use to do:

  • Lights, vents, and fans cleaning
  • Building-wide re-lamping
  • Removal of aerial dust and saw dust from rafters and the outside of ventilation equipment
  • Aerial pressure washing

Special Services is fully trained to use specialized equipment such as:

  • Pneumatic and electric 55 gallon drum vacuums for heavy dirt removal
  • Carpet and upholstery machines that can heat water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 psi that allow us to match truck-system cleanings without leaving the building unsecured
  • Grout cleaning equipment up to 1200 psi
  • Dry Foam carpet cleaning equipment for quick drying carpet
  • A Scarifier for removing paint for concrete floors
  • Diamond polishing pads to clean concrete and terrazzo

The team is trained in specialized chemicals, for instance:

  • Different acids for unique products
  • A variety of disinfectants for different types of germs
  • Wood floor finishes
  • The generation of long lasting floor finishes
  • Heavy-duty high-alkaline degreasers for floor and equipment cleaning