Clean Buildings and Healthy Environments 

How Much Does In-house Cleaning Actually Cost?

Obvious Cost
• Salaries
• Vacations
• Benefits
• Worker Compensation
• Unemployment Insurance Tax
• Federal Social Security Tax
• Liability Insurance
• Sick Leave
• Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
• Bookkeeping and Accounting
• Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Hidden Costs
• Interviewing and Cost of Turnover

• Training and Retraining Costs
• Quality Control Cost
• Paid Training for New Employees
• Inventory and Storage of Equipment and Chemicals
• MSDS / Right to Know / Spills / Bloodborne Pathogens
• Equipment Repair and Scheduled Maintenance
• Proper Dilution and Dispensing of Chemicals
• Functions of Human Resources Department 
• Checking References (Drug Testing / City and County Criminal Checks)
• Hiring Substitutes
• Scheduling Work
• Supervising Work
• Keeping Records
• Labor Negotiations (Raises, Labor Disputes)

Let Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. handle your cleaning needs! We will manage all of the above issues and allow you to enjoy a clean, safe, and healthy environment.