Clean Buildings and Healthy Environments 

In this world where most things are measured in dollars and cents, we measure our business in cleanliness, service, and problem solving. Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. refuses to lower the quality of our service and employees to save a few dollars. Yes, this sometimes costs us an account or two but our customers' satisfaction is our goal and is much more important to us.”

"You can hire a cheaper service and lower quality is what you get! It your goal is to impress your customers, to have a clean and healthy work environment for employees and a happier staff, you can't go wrong with us."

"Hiring a janitorial service is like hiring a new employee. It is time consuming, you don't want to make a mistake, you don't want to have to do it again, and you want a quality employee at a good value. We will help you get it right the first time and stop your continuing search.”

Brad Mead, Sales Manager

Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc.
Core Values

Develop long-term relationships with our employees and customers

Communicate with our customers and employees to ensure that their needs and concerns are satisfied

• Customize service to provide solutions for each customer's unique combination of needs

• Recognize that our employees are our greatest resource

• Commit to our employees' growth and provide them with a positive employment experience

• Develop the skills and abilities of our employees to consistently exceed customer expectations

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