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Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc.

Has been serving the businesses of Michigan since 1980. Along with being a Certified Woman-Owned cleaning contractor,  Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. has assembled the  most experienced and knowledgeable  management staff in West Michigan,  possibly in the state.

Stability is a mainstay at Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. We continue to clean 2 of the 4 original buildings we started with in 1980. We have cleaning employees that have been with the company for over 25 years. While other cleaning companies have a revolving door for their employees, Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. has an employee turnover rate that is one fourth of the national average for janitorial services. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning program at the best value. Each member of our staff works to develop a long-term business relationship with each of our customers. We have blended the best proven cleaning tactics with the greatest innovations in cleaning to create a superior cleaning program, which provides our customers with best possible personalized service.

"Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. is committed to providing the right people, training, safety, resources, and organizational structure to match your changing needs and expectations. Our goal is to became your long-term partner for many years to come.

Where other service companies use inferior chemicals and equipment to increase their profits, at Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. we work to make our employees successful from day one. We choose to use the best cleaning chemicals and equipment, then provide proper training to give our customers the best possible service."


Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc.

Is Fighting Covid-19
from many Angles

When we first heard of the coronavirus in China, we thought it was just going to be the new virus that the news was going to hype for 2020. When it hit Seattle and started killing people, we knew we needed to get ready to put our Pandemic Plan into operation..

1st - We checked our supplies. PMM had enough disinfectant proven to kill human coronavirus on hand. Our stock of N95 masks, Tyvek suits, rubber gloves, eye protection, and of course our Electrostatic Sprayers were good. The retraining of our staff on how to properly dispense the disinfectant began.

2nd - We started meeting with customers to help them develop their disinfecting and sanitizing protocols for their business. This work was done with companies as far north as Traverse City, down to Indianapolis, from Detroit to Chicago. We help them order sanitization station for their offices and showed them how to stop coronavirus at the door.

3rd – It was discovered that we had many contacts that were suffering from immunodeficiency diseases and others that were immunodeficient from Chemotherapy. Using UV-C lighting we help them set safe zones where virus would be killed upon entering the zone. The contacts so were taught how to use UV-C lighting so it would be safe for them but still provide protection for them. At this time none of these contacts have gotten Covid-19.

4th – We got many requests from companies that wanted us to come and disinfect their facilities. They had not had any exposure to Covid-19 but they want a treatment so it would kill the Covid-19 when it did come in the facilities. This required us to educate them on how disinfectant works. Disinfectant per sprayed on surfaces does not work! Spraying disinfectants on microorganisms does. Light and dirt breaks disinfectants down and renders them in effective. I know what you are going to say. There several products on the market that claim they can kill on surfaces up to 24 hours. They can kill three odors virus, but they cannot kill Covid-19.

Furthermore, all disinfectants are poisons used properly they are safe to humans and animals. The overuse of disinfectants can make humans and animals sick or even kill them.

5th – In early March we got our first call for a confirmed exposer of Covid-19. It was in a Medical Facility with a large number of seniors citizens. We treated the area and there was no additional spread.

We were also contacted at this time by the Detroit Transportation Authority. They wanted us to come and disinfect each bus each night until the Covid-19 pandemic was over. This would have been a monster of a contract for us, but Professional Maintenance turn it down. It would have required to move all our resources from the Grand Rapids area, and we could not leave our customers unprotected. We also had request from Chicago and Indianapolis, but loyalty must come before money.
Currently PMM is running four disinfectant teams. They are on call 24 hours per day seven days per week. Our response time has been less than 4 hours most of the time. The teams are tired but proud of the work the have done. Knox on wood so far, we have stopped every spread.

6th – Taking an extra step. Our customer started contacting us when they were unable get disinfectant wipes, rubber gloves and masks from there vendors. We took advantage of our supply chain. We were able to get them the products they needed keeping them in business.

7th – There are always people out there willing to make a buck on someone else’s pain. Covid-19 is no exception. There are many other companies doing a similar job like us and doing a decency job. When returning to the office after the work at home order was lifted, I discovered two companies misrepresenting their work and putting people in danger. I contacted them than exposed them putting an end to their business.

8th- Our proudest moment an opportunity to help the whole nation. Professional Maintenance of Michigan has been working with a local pharmaceutical company for many years now. This pharmaceutical company has been chosen to manufacture one of the Covid-19 vaccinations currently in testing. The manufacturing has already begun so if approved they will be able dispense it without waiting. We do the daily cleaning and disinfecting of their facilities. We conduct a special disinfecting program keeping Covid-19 out of their facilities so they can continue their work.

This pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. We will be continuing our fight. If you find yourself in need of a Covid-19 treatment or just information, please contact us at any time.