Clean Buildings and Healthy Environments 

Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc.

Has been serving the businesses of Michigan since 1980. Along with being a Certified Woman-Owned cleaning contractor,  Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. has assembled the  most experienced and knowledgeable  management staff in West Michigan,  possibly in the state.

Stability is a mainstay at Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. We continue to clean 2 of the 4 original buildings we started with in 1980. We have cleaning employees that have been with the company for over 25 years. While other cleaning companies have a revolving door for their employees, Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. has an employee turnover rate that is one fourth of the national average for janitorial services. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning program at the best value. Each member of our staff works to develop a long-term business relationship with each of our customers. We have blended the best proven cleaning tactics with the greatest innovations in cleaning to create a superior cleaning program, which provides our customers with best possible personalized service.

"Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. is committed to providing the right people, training, safety, resources, and organizational structure to match your changing needs and expectations. Our goal is to became your long-term partner for many years to come.

Where other service companies use inferior chemicals and equipment to increase their profits, at Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. we work to make our employees successful from day one. We choose to use the best cleaning chemicals and equipment, then provide proper training to give our customers the best possible service."


Celebrating 30 Years of Service

             Karen's Building Supervisor            Karen Heidenga                    Karen's Area Manager 

                        James Young                         30 Year Employee                          Katie Iginoef 

Karen Heidenga began her journey working for Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. on July 11, 1989. Given her 30 years of service, in an industry where companies are regularly asked about turnover rates, employees like Karen are almost unheard of.

Karen has been a stellar employee for Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc., missing just a handful of days during her tenure. Her areas of responsibility are consistently maintained to the highest level of cleaning, and as I review her past evaluations, they were all excellent with many compliments from the suites she serviced.

Karen has endured a lot of changes over the years…methods of cleaning, equipment, supervisors and tenants. Karen worked in the Trust Building from July 11, 1989 to December 31, 2008 then transferred to the Chase building where she remains. Within the Chase building Karen cleans the building owner’s suite.

The Trust and Chase buildings are both buildings Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. started cleaning when they began servicing Grand Rapids in 1980.

When asked why she never left Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc. Karen said because everyone is just so nice. We do not know when Karen will hang up her cleaning smock, but when that day comes, she will be greatly missed. Karen Heidenga, you are a treasure here at Professional Maintenance of Michigan, Inc.